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Scheduled maintenance

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We will have a maintenance window on Monday between 01:00 and 02:00 GMT+0 on 03/05/2021

Servers will remain online but there may be unannounced restarts during the time.

-L2BattleZone administration


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Open beta for both of our servers will start at 17:00 GMT+0 today , patch is available now for download. Anyone interested is welcome to join and take a look around.

Beta NPCs will be posted in giran and each character will receive adena and BZ Coin during login. If you find any issues on either server please report them on bot-reports section in as much detail as possible.

Registration will be automatic only for the Beta stage - live servers will require registration via website.

-L2BattleZone administration

Changes to Interlude launch

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Due to an issue with hosting provider we will have to delay the launch of Interlude and move it to take place together with H5 server. Interlude will have Open Beta from 11th until 13th of April and a full server start on 15th of April at 18:00 GMT+0.

Also a reminder - we will also be running a Clan Promo event for any clans joining our ranks until server launch. You can read more on our discord server!

-L2BattleZone administration
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