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Server launch announcement!

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Servers are almost ready for a new start so we are announcing our starts for Interlude and High-Five chronicles this time around!

Interlude will have Open Beta from 6th until 8th of April and a full server start on 9th of April at 18:00 GMT+0.

High-Five will have Open Beta from 11th until 13th of April and a full server start on 15th of April at 18:00 GMT+0.

We will also be running a Clan Promo event for any clans joining our ranks until server launch. You can read more on our discord server!

-L2BattleZone administration

Server update

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The time has come to look forward. Current run will end on 3rd of February and server will be taken down for some time (expecting couple of months) to prepare for the next start, do a bit of polishing on the game based on previous feedback and hopefully launch H5 server at the same time if everything goes smoothly.

Of course more details will be announced as the time goes.

-L2BattleZone administration

Scheduled maintenance

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We will have a maintenance window tomorrow between 11:00 and 12:00 GMT+0 on 08/01/2021

Will be carrying out server side maintenance.

-L2BattleZone administration
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