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Beta in 1 week!

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Patch and updater will be uploaded to the website few days before, registration will be automatic and everyone will receive coins and adena for testing along with free gm shop and level manager for the test duration.

Beta start at 17:00 GMT+0.

Join our Discord channel for most up to date news, discussions and upcoming prize draws!

-L2BattleZone administration

Beta/Start Launches Scheduled!

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As works on the server are going well, would like to announce the dates for Beta launch and full server start.

Beta test will take place between September 18th and 25th, server will have auto-registration enabled and everyone will receive tools needed to test things out. Please join our Facebook/Discord communities to help spread the word and have a nice server start!

Full server launch will take place on Saturday, 3rd of October, leaving us some time to deal with any touch up issues found during Beta test.

As we are well ahead of works schedule - you may see some additional features added to About page, some were planned as post-launch updates but will be implemented between now and Beta test. And in the meantime we will start working on spreading the word around/advertising. See you soon!

-L2BattleZone administration

Welcome to L2BattleZone!

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Our server is currently under construction, with estimated launch in early autumn 2020 (think late September or early October). Website is functional for pre-launch use with some things such as registration disabled.

Feel free to like our facebook page and join discord channel for future updates and news. If you have any suggestions we will consider them - good ideas always welcome.

-L2BattleZone administration
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